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These lint-free applicators won't make your dog shed a single tear. This jar of 30 applicator pads for use with Eye Envy® Tear Stain Solution for Dogs is a great choice for removing those unsightly stains gently, yet effectively. Tears can accumulate and breed bacteria in your pet's fur, but this unique tear stain pad applicator used in conjunction with the Eye Envy liquid nips the problem at the source.

Eye Envy Gentle Action Applicator Pads are made of an ultra-thin rayon-polyester material with a waffle-like pattern that adds gentle friction to help clean the area. This special stain pad lightly exfoliates, allowing the product to penetrate deeper and improving the efficacy of the Tear Stain Solution. Our applicator pads have no loose "fuzz" or lint that can irritate the eyes, causing more tears. Each reusable and refillable jar contains 30 dry applicator pads. Use approximately 30 pads per 2 ounces of solution.

Refill applicator pads are available in packs of 30 and 100. 


Condition:  New


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